Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st

It has been raining for two days
Its cold
Its wet
Its a good weather to do nothing
Its a good weather to sleep
Its so gloomy outside
Everyone seems to left their smile in the bed
Smiling faces are gone with the sun


April's Fool
It has to be a prank by the professor
She made us give a presentation in her class
The best presentation from last semester
We didn't prepare well,actually
were so scared during the Q&A session
fortunately, the study trend here is passive
nobody will ask question under normal circumstances
mission accomplished


University Culture
there are a lot of unexplainable culture going on in the uni
for example
having Annual General Meeting for more than 24 hours
of course not continuously
they don't report things
they questioned you a lot instead
they made you sit there doing nothing
today will be the 4th time we had AGM
after one 5 hours AGM
one 14 hours AGM
and another 12 hours
i wonder how long will this one last
will it be the last??


Raining days are good times to think
think a lot
write a lot


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