Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lights off on 29 March,8-9pm!!!

As a responsible citizen on the mother earth, i'll write the following post no matter how sleepy i am now.

Environment is always a discussed issue in many international forums and meeting. From small issue like dividing our rubbish, recycling and reusing to bigger issue like releasing of carbon dioxide and CFC and the ozone layer.Environment is actually all about us.
We live in this little earth in this big galaxy, and until now, there is still no findings that there is another planet that have the same condition as Earth that will allow humans to survive on it. From the space, we can see that the earth is most beautiful among the other 7 planets ( i don't know which look better to you, but to me, YES!!its the earth, the colour is so and green), but very very unfortunately, us, human are not treating the Mother Earth very nice.
Cutting down too many trees without re-plant it had cause the unbalance proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The emission of carbon dioxide and CFC are holes on the ozone layer and the UV lights from the sun pass through the atmosphere without the filter from the ozone. We talk about the green house effect, we talked about the climate change. The things we talked about are all chained together, its the cause and effect.the thing we did to the environment will in the end pay back on us one day..
People already realize this problem long time ago. They talked about it, they discuss, they want to come up with solutions. The Montreal Protocol is doing good, every part of the world is trying to do their bit, and we are now hearing good news. This proof that : YES, WE CAN DO OUR BIT TO MAKE SOME CHANGES. we can vote for changes, why not do something for changes??

There is this activity coming up this Saturday, its call the EARTH HOUR.
Last year on 31 March, 2.2 million people and 2100 businesses in Sydney,Australia turned off their lights for one hour from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. They call it the Earth Hour. Even the Sydney famous places like Harbour Bridge and Opera House took part. The 2007 Earth Hour is estimated to have cut Sydney's mains electricity consumption by between 2.1% and 10.2% for that hour.
So, this year, they are going to do it again, and this time they want to do it with the rest of the world. Cities like Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Manila and Bangkok. Lights off from 8pm to 9pm on this Saturday(29 March 2008) in all these cities.
Although i m not in any of the cities that are involved in Earth Hour. but i m going to do my bit to the environment. From 8pm to 9pm that day, i'll be by the sea side of the university, enjoying the natural breeze and of course not to forget, i'll switch off my lights when i leave.
I am going to do my bit, how bout you??

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