Monday, March 31, 2008

Hong Kong way of celebrating bday ( Happy burfday Jia!!)

It's the very famous Jia's birthday last Sunday. Traditionally, we will go celebrate fellow Malaysian's birthday at 12am. So, this time we(me, LF, Owen, Alex, Tami and Jasmine who left early) went to his room right at 12am. Owen even bring him a surprise present from his Ji Mui from Malaysia.
the clip below show Jia opening his presents.the 1st present is the surprise present from Ione from Malaysia.She purposely take the present to Owen when he's in Malaysia for Easter break.Then, another present from Owen and Tami.

After that, we went down and did something not very good to him.(ngek ngek) even the guard (who is suppose to stop us from making noise) come over and teach us the correct can see the two guard in the clip, standing beside to watch the poor Jia. no matter how,we are still better than what the people in his Hall did to the clip and feel the pain.(ouch!)

Later on we decided to let him jump down to the sea..So all of use walk down to the dock, on the way, a senior, CY mention that the final year senior have not been "take"(whatever the spelling) before ("take" means the clip la). so, the boys decide to give him an memorable last semester..ngek ngek..the guy was so innocent la..not his birthday worry,when u graduate, we give a dozen of boxer for you as graduate present =p

(sorry oo,the beginning of this clip a bit cacat...but never mind la..the essence in at the back)

the dock was very slippery and was very dangerous looking. Its very dark out there and we cant estimate the depth of the sea. We don't know whether there's stones underneath. Jia was so scared until his voice cracked. In the end, we had to give up this idea.

Its very dark at the dock, only our conversations can be heard

Then we come up with another idea - RUN NAKED!!!hohoho..Jia negotiated with us, like what id we took his pants and don't return to him. Initially, we want to give him a treat. But he said is too little, so Owen promised to give him 500, without mentioning the currency. We actually wan to give him 500rupiah instead..but that fella was so fast to wear his pants.haih. mission failed.

I am so good to keep the promise of not record when he run naked (actually not naked also la,we still let him wear his underwear, we so angelic la) some more, this is a very healthy blog, kenot have 18SX rated things here..haha..

The celebration ended with us going back to his room for chocolate and chatting..his roommie was sleeping soundly no matter how loud we are. we talk about a lot of things..but i m not sharing here..hehe..come join us next time if u want to know what we talk about..


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