Friday, February 22, 2008

snap snap snap

i missed out the steamboat night the fellow malaysian had for reunion dinner.
i missed out the scence at the flower market before CNY at the Victoria Park.
i missed out the 20 minutes fireworks at the Tsim Sha Tsui habour.
i missed out the korean food we all had after the fireworks.
i missed out the crazy n ridiculous "promotion period" we did to promote the nominated committee for the societies in the uni.
i missed out the time we get together and prepare for our "promotion period",all the little colourful windmill are so so so beautiful.
i missed out the time at Prof. Ajay house.his house very nice ma.but i'll need someone else to keep my house that neat n clean =p

i think this is what my camera would want to say...

i m sorry i cant tell you more about all the things i mentioned camera is is not working T.T its warranty period is over.I dunno how much it will cost me if i m going to send it back for repair.I dunno which camera is cheap enough for me to afford.
I desperately need a camera. Ah Ba, can i get a new one??Please???

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