Thursday, February 28, 2008

cest la vie

It has been a long time since the last time i sit at the cafe in my uni,with my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate. This was the place where i spend most of my time last semester(and probably this is the reason i get bad results..haha)
This is the place where you get to see many people walking around,rushing to their next class, going for lunch or tea. But they will be some people doing the same thing as me,slacking around,relaxing with the laptop and some drinks.The worst thing is i m playing jazz music in my laptop..OMG..this is just too relaxing..
how much time in life i can have this time in life??How long can i spend sitting here doing nothing useful but writing some quite meaningless stuff in my blog??
so many things happening in the cafe..there is a couple sharing a meal, some group discussion going on at some of the tables,some professors having drinks together, some fella burying his head in his book,some fella just hanging around like me..haha..

but good times end fast.its time for me to go to class..a one and a half hour class..and Jia just come mess up my hair because i did the same to him (oi,ur hair so short,mess liao makes no difference la )

Do enjoy the short time you have to relax and slow down. Have fun in life.Cest la vie.

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