Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The difference of a businessman and an engineer

I know i am suitable to be an engineer after this conversation with Mr. Owen.

One day i saw him from outside the seafront coffee shop at the ground floor of my hall.He got his hair cut again,by himself..Yes,i did not type wrong..he cut his own hair...n he plan to cut his roommate's hair in the future..
N v start to talk about getting hair cut at the professional hair dresser..
N this is part of the conversation..(its just a synopsis of it,i dun remember the actual conversation) talking about a hairdresser may ask someone to shave his hair..
Owen : then the bald can go out telling people "My hair is design by a professional hairdresser"
me : ya lah..hairdresser will tell people to do that de ma..if his hair is in such a bad condition until he have to shave all his hair n let them grow again..
Owen : where got such stupid de hairdresser de..of course they will say " You have to do more treatment.Come let me help you." then go take all your money de ma...You see,haih,this is what an engineering student think..
me : ......

haha..see the difference???

Business students will think of how to make profit for themself,they will think of how to get money from people. while engineer will help to do the best from the least money..haha..

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