Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogger Returns

haha..i m people complain about me for not blogging for such a long has been 3 weeks from the last post..but i think the actual time is few months since the last few one were all craps that i want to type during my exam period..i try to come out with all sorts of reason why i din blog for such a long time..the real reason is : i am lazy =p

i went home for my winter holiday..only 3 weeks..but better than the chance to meet the people i wan =),n some unexpected person also..not bad..hanging around the town all day..hehe..too bad the good time ended too soon n its time to say bye bye.\

i m now back in Hong Kong...after a whole day of traveling with bus(from Ipoh to KL LCCT),plane( LCCT to Macau),then bus again( Macau Airport to Venetian Hotel then to Jetty), ferry(Macau Jetty to Jetty at Sheung Wan),MTR,(Sheung Wan to Hang Hau)then bus again(Hang Hau to HKUST),then 15 mins walk back to my room..see,how tough am i to go through all these..haha..but..i am sure i do not want to go through the same routine again next time..this is damn tiring..transferring my luggages from 1 transport to another all by myself is making my hands and shoulders aching till now :'( luckily Chuan Keat come help me at Sheung Wan,seeing him that night is like seeing an angle

i m going to write a letter to Air Asia punya admin and tell them must start the new route to Hong Kong.If not,i m going to bomb their headquarters.Hng.i m serius,i m not kidding..dun think i m joking ar..then i can fly directly to Hong Kong lo *clap* * cheers*

Anyway, I m back in Hong Kong for my 3 weeks industrial training. N the past 2 days of training was sitting in the lecture hall n sleep.N today is my day to blog..haha..c how much post i m going to write today la...but not for the next to week where i really have to work(because i have to hand in my work lo :'( )

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