Monday, October 29, 2007

C++ fever

all the engineering students in my uni will go crazy soon because of C++..
the exam will be on monday evening..which in in this evening..n the coffee i drank made me cant go to sleep..adui...
by the way,back to the C++..because v are all very hardworking, v want to use our knowledge in whatever place v can. so,v come out with all sorts of C++ syntax

mine : for(n=1;n<=graduate;n++){ exam; }

CK: while(true)

u c,the 2 of us are fed up with all the exams...exams after exams..

ps: by the way,i dunno what the ** i m writing now..stupid exams...


  1. all the best in your exams!!altho i dun exactly know what the hell C++ means and i can only hope it's not in the context i think it is, which is i hope i dun reli get anywhere near a C++ in ur exam, i still hope u'; hav fun with all ur C++ and revision.....aza aza!

  2. thx for posting my syntax on your blog.. but arthur said the infinite loop is not right...coz it will never find its way to graduation.


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