Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Beginning

I m starting a new life,so i tot of starting a new blog.
i m going to Hong Kong on the 18 Aug 2007.studying hong hong university of science and technology.studying logistic management and engineering.
many people ask y i choose HK.its just an accident.i wan go overseas.i dun wan to go western country.i wan to study logistic.why not study at a port.its very unusual for a stpm student to go HK.normally people will choose to go aussie,UK or US.but i think i'll like least i can find chinese food everywhere.dim sum,wonton mee,fried mee,porridge,u name it.i can speak chinese,i can speak cantonese,i can speak english.yeah.this is the place.
studying at a total strange place is difficult.i noe nobody there b4 this.i noe nth bout the place.i dunno wat to expect there.but still i m looking forward to go there.
this will be another beginning chapter of my life.

study in HK


  1. wei qi! jia you! n happy birthday hehe! all the best in hk..!

  2. wei qi! jia you in hk! support u always! n ya! happy birthday!! hehe

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Wish you good luck in HK!! Remember to call me when you are back!! Friends forever!!


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