Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early in the morning

Was snatched a few house away from the place i stay this morning when i was walking to work. Everything was like normal, seeing some night shift worker walking back home, looking tired. A aunty cleaning rubbish outside her house, i think. Then i heard motorbike coming from behind, then i turned. To my shock, the motorbike was coming directly to me. This shouldn't be the route they take because i am standing very near to the gate of the house. I KNEW IT WAS COMING. The guy behind was extending his hand towards me. I start to back off more and hug my bag tightly to the side.
I couldn't stand still, i fell to the ground. The guy jumped down from the bike, WALKED towards me and wanted to rob the bag from me. I tried to kick. I thought he would go off because i was fighting. (what a stupid and naive thought at that moment) Then i saw his face. No fear, no anger, emotionless. It was just like he was doing his job, he NEEDS to have the bag. He snatched. I know I should not be holding tight to my bag anymore, there was no point fighting over. I loosen my grip. I saw the handle of my bag being tore and it falls to the ground. I saw the friend was waiting for him on the motor, moving forward and away from me. He ran to the bike, jump on and then they rode off. Leaving me, on the floor, screaming like mad woman(really like mad woman, i didnt tie my hair this morning). Then i feel my pocket, i have my phone. Thank god i still have my phone. I stand up and start to make call.
I turned around and look at the street. The aunty was still there, holding her hand over her head and look stunned. The worker who just got back from work, with plastic bag in his hand, was looking at me, disbelief that he just witness a snatch case, early in the morning. A guy from a few house away was outside of his house, look at me too, stunned. My landlord heard my scream and ran out. She heard me leaving the house and then heard the scream, she knew it's me.
Everything happened, i think in merely 1-2 minutes. I was calm, i called my colleague, told her to tell my boss that i was unable to work today. I told my landlord to change the padlock of the house, my keys were inside my bag. I tried to recall what was inside my bag, stuffs in my purse. I called people that i need to call. My landlord come with medicine and help me to apply on my bruises.
I updated my Facebook status, i need to warn my friends about it, especially those who walks to work or need to get out of the house compound to get into car. We watch so many cases on the news, and we be careful. We put the bag at the correct side. We didn't pull out our purse. No jewelries. But, if it gonna happened, it will.
Thank god that I am safe. They did not do anything to me, not much body contact. They did not push me, did not hit me, did not hit me. Their target was all these while, my bag. I guess, after all, I am still lucky.

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