Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am glad i had this little space

It feel weird. For suddenly having this strong feeling to blog again. It has been almost one year 9 months, since i write a proper, lenghty post. I forgot how i grow to not blog so much, it must had been about the internet.

Sitting here, 2 hours before my first paper, I think i should blog. I need to blog before tehe exam, the 4th finals here. I just need to put down something inside my heart, so that i can bring in more points to the exam hall.

Getting to this point, i seriously don't know how. Friends might have been so worried about me. I wasn't blogging, i have no channel of releasing my thoughts, i wasn't even posting much on Facebook. But i guess they feel the difference in me, less passion, less "fire" we said.

I was talking to my president about my lost in an election. He ask me am I okay. "Yeah." i replied. It was within my expectation, a person who only have a dimmed "fire" would not be able to win anyone's heart. I told him i need more inspirations, to let me see myself. I had suddenly lost the sense of feeling, feeling myself. It is blank now, i cannot even connect to myself, the link somehow was broken, lack of some nutrients maybe.

I do not know exactly know what is it that it has lost, I think time will tells. For now, i will just had to try my best to go on, go on without feeling myself. I won't look good, but i will be good after this.

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