Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Stories

Two Chinese ladies in their 60s went in the train. One got a seat and another one have to stand. A few station after, a lady few seats away is getting up. The Chinese ladies were spotting for seat all the way, so the standing one "walked over" (more of squeeze her way there). Then there's this Indian lady with her two daughters who sat just next to the empty seat quickly push her youngest daughter(who is the only one standing) over to the seat when she saw the Chinese lady trying to walk over. Another Malay woman who was sitting at another side of the empty seat saw it and quickly make place for the Chinese lady by asking her son to sit closer to her.

This has nothing to do with races, but your sensibility.


A girl was making her supper. By "cooking" water in the micro-oven. Then she add in oat and some cocoa powder to the hot water, stir it and then add in coconut milk.

I have no idea what she's trying to make.

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