Monday, April 19, 2010

Recession of Life

seriously, I was at the very bottom of the life cycle. I do not know to consider the current situation the bottom or the recovery period.

It wasn't really the best moment is life. Options are coming along the way, I was now given the chance to make  decisions. Until this very moment, I suddenly realize I had not made decisions following my heart for some time. I made critical decisions, but not like the situation now. It was actually not a big deal, but in my opinion it will going to change me and myself to some extend. But some where inside myself, i would still like to play safe and i know i will be doing fine just like that.

But is that how i want myself to become?

I adjusted myself too much to the surroundings, till I doesn't even know what mould I will be if I were to mould. I was too good at being mould, i can call that my expertise now seriously. But how would I be if i were the mould??

Oh my god, only you know.

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