Sunday, March 21, 2010


i am just damn sien.
All because of the train and the rain.
yea, i am just trying to accuse some non-living creatures for my self laziness. you are so clever to notice that.

ah..i shall be not happy every Sunday if I travel home. There are sure something happen during the journey. It can be the train, the track, the driver, and this week: THE AIR CON!!
the bloody aircon failed to operate so everyone have to sit in heat!!

BIG SIGH. However, they were kind enough to not let us all die of heat and let us transfer to another car where the air-con is working. So we get free upgrades!!yipee..(although that was already 2 hours later, better than none lar)

getting to Kajang from KL Sentral is another high-skilled-needed-task. I NEVER HAD GOOD EXPERIENCE!! It will always be crowded on Sunday. about getting onto the train. urgh, i don't want to describe the ugliness of it, because i am one of the uglies too. think of tactics you need to equipped with just to get yourself into the train.Another classic today is the train had this super duper good design, there are only this tiny little place*hold thumb and index finger near* for you to hold at the noth end of the car. Hello, people in the middle no need to hold issit??we all can stand still lar, when the train is turning at corner. Even the uncle sitting in front of  me know that they should extend the handrails.

OMG. i just tak boleh tahan. Can someone please help the poor transportation ministry. They seriously need some ideas. Not ideas like letting the minister come take bus and ask media to take photos. They just never understand!!They never!! They just need to come take the train once and they will know. Come on a Sunday, come before working hours. Make them go to work everyday with train and not with their BMs. They will know!!! How do you expect train with frequency of 20 minutes trying to occupy this thousands of people everyday, and look at the length of the trains. Damn.

Allocation of money to develop public transportation is very essential LAR. The horrible transportation system are encouraging people to get their own cars and then caused traffic jams n contributing in carbon emission. Get more train and hire more drivers, like this you create works and you generate income. All of these are so achievable. achievable as in the 'A' in SMART. KPI KPI!!!

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