Saturday, March 6, 2010

Glamour Bits

It was a busy two weeks. Been running around most of the time. Doing this and that which i can't really recall all the details. Just being drown by works.

I shall let photos do the talking, If not i won't remember what i did too =p

Let's see...

celebrated Daniel's birthday. there was a change of plan last minute because we don't want to see him emo-ing the whole night and cannot sleep and then cannot wake up the next morning for the surprise planned earlier. so we decided to surprise him in the midnight instead.

The night was a crazy one. You should see our MSN conversation, it's really funny. 

 bus company


Went to Haiti Lifeline concert in university the other day. discovered local indie bands. their live band performance ROCKS!!! music do heal the soul, it's a universal language. It inspire meiying and me to have another concert!! we'll see how it works *grin*

Then I jump in for last minute help for Fashion in Passion fashion show by SIFE UNMC. Lesson learnt : fashion is just not my thing. I didn't had much exposure about fashion and fashion show before, hence i really doesn't know much about fashion show.

glamorous set-up by JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

models rehearsing the walk

glamorous shot of the backstage after the event. believe me, it doesn't look like this in real

OMG!! magazine shot!! the male model is just so photogenic, if the expression of the girls are less casual, it will make a perfect magazine spread!!

final curtain call

the models did a great job, so did the urshers and make-up artist and hair dressers!! bravo everyone!!
photos taken from blogs of the photographer of the day: aaron and william and nicholas.

Went to watch a few friends acting in a play during Indian Cultural Night.

the show ended happily where the princes dance together. i dunno why.

The Princes and Genie. 

 Hanging out with this bunch of friends everyday. lol. basically, just having fun and doing stupid stuffs. XD

yup, that's what i have been up to the past two week. kind of something to remember about.

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