Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exam Post IV

yoyoyo!! i am all done with the exams!!
i feel happy, but not like really excited, you will know why if you see the papers and know about the past statistics. The paper isn't really hard, i can still write answers for then questions, but the problem is, 42% of passing rate doesn't sounds good to any of us.

whatever, what ever done is done! i shall focus, focus on my holiday mood!! I don't feel like coming to school next Monday, i shall stay home and bake cookies and watch TV..nom nom nom... I am looking forward to Chinese New Year, i don't know why, it's not like i haven't been celebrating it for years, but i just feel brand new * whistle happily * dong dong chiang dong dong chiang

i shall go bath and then either go sleep or watch drama. it's post-exam, isn't it?

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