Wednesday, January 13, 2010

exam post II

w00t!! done with another one.

the professor went from a not so good to the best professor because the exam were pretty easy and it's only MCQ...MCQ for econs!!yay!! we are not required to write long winded essays on the market change, curve shift and stuffs, so good!! and it cover 75% of the course!!the facts that the professor isn't that good and his notes sucks is forgiveable.

n i just cant take condition of my room anymore. i ate dust for 2 days and i decided i shall wipe the floor myself. the advantage of having a small room is you can wipe it with a piece of cloth. i even clean the fan, rearrange my furniture, what i didn't do is to wash the curtains, if i have a washing machine..hmm, maybe i shall try out the new washing machine downstairs..

kie, i am so tired i shall go bath. bye!

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