Friday, November 20, 2009

I got go out of room!!

haven't do a proper post these day, this won't be one either =p

i was really busy going to classes, doing assignments, attending meetings, doing society work, making myself dinner, watching drama and shows, listening to new songs, hanging out with friends and sleeping. lol.

Work i got here is basically almost the same, ok, maybe 50% less than what i used to got. But I still feel busy, maybe because i can happily went to bed around 2am and happily wake up around 8am to go to class(okay, maybe not that happily, but still..) Then spent sometime watching Taiwanese show and doing others useless stuffs. There gone all the precious time.

There are still people here who work their ass out, like writing essays every week so that they can be the one giving us answers during tutorial classes. People like me will just go with answers in point form and then try to crap something out during class. How to compare like that? But i really doesn't want to stress myself out to death again. so i shall let myself die of not having excellent result.

Yesterday I learn to go take care of some errands that will take me whole afternoon rather than being grumpy in the room and later stress to death again because i cant get it done. We need to sacrifice something for another thing. That's like the rule of life, we need to play the game. Now i feel so proud of myself even though precious time gone again. never mind. lesson learnt!!

I actually forgot what i want to type. ah, nemai, then i shall just stop here and go step out of my apartment and go make dinner. Ah Fat i got go out from room one!!

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