Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miniature Earth

If you are reading this, if you are watching this video, you are already in the top richest in the world.

this video is like a slap on the face, although i appreciate the things i have, but to what extend i appreciate them? i am grateful that i have the money to pay for the food i have and i even have the chance to choose the food i ate, i can choose to eat nice food and even dessert after meal. i am grateful that i was given then chance to come over to this city, but to what extend? what have i do to show the appreciation? how do you appreciate the food we have, the bed we sleep on, the fridge we use, the ice cream you eat, the house you stay in, ur mom who wake you up, the school you go to, the healthy body you have, the hands you use to hold your girlfriend and boyfriend, the eyes you use to see beautiful scenery??

i don’t know. this is tough. i m ………… lost ………… in appreciation.

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