Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i spend too much time

……thinking of food in Ipoh.
i spend too much time looking at photos of food in food blogs like Motormouth from Ipoh and KampungboyCitygirl
#later i found out IpohChai lives near my house, some of the food he mentioned in his blog are those i used to eat(i mean i patron the shop lar)all the time..wahaha..
1) lok wui gui
my favourite duck noodle, the expensive rojak, and the upstairs seats.
2) seremban siew bao near pizza hut
i haven’t tried the real seremban siew bao in seremban, but this is the best and still available in town. during form3 and form4, when i walk all the way from AMC to the old Ocean to buy things, i will sure drop by the stall to buy siew bao. there used to be a stall opposite my old house, but the stall is closed by now.
3) Cowan Street Taugeh Chicken
better than Lou Wong. cowan street have better hor fun than Lou Wong(although the portion is so much smaller).
4) ABC behind Pasir Puteh pasar
fresh corn, special gula melaka
5) Pasir Pinji Peanut soup(花生糊)
Far sung wu and muachee!!
6) Congee near Cheong Kong White Coffee
i want pork congee and fish congee!!!
7) Chuan Fatt Curry Noodle
fired chicken and curry. best!!!
8) Nam Heong
white coffee and penang char kuey teow
9) Bak Kut Teh
my mum knows which one i want.
10) Fai Kee Noodle
fish belly noodle belly head beehoon also belly nice. the minced pork also belly nice. fried fu pei also belly nice.
11) Aneka Selera - Tung Gu Ting
ikan bakar and fried lai liu har.
12) Pasir Puteh Hakka Mee (near Police Station)
must wake up very early to eat.
13) 33 Claypot Chicken Rice
because got free veggie XD
14) Dai Shu Geuk (near Duk Gei)
the yong tau foo are made by fish meat. the best is fried sha got.
15) Rojak near Pasir Pinji Pasar
uncle please open your stall more often.
i am unable to end the list. *cry*


  1. Not bad not bad...changed layout adi...

    Oh yea...Cowan Street de smaller and much more expensive!! And somehow there's this smell that I didn't really like...maybe I'm racist la but it's kinda overwhelming lo...

    Sigh...I thought in the end you would blame me for showing these to you.. :[

  2. haha..won't blame you lar..i already start listing those that i want to eat, always will forget when i go back. T.T


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