Monday, March 23, 2009

2 days in a row

Day 3: Firm visit to iDS logistic. iDS is a company under Li&Fung Group. Toys R Us (Asia) is a business under Li&Fung.

i have many toys during my childhood days. but i grow up playing the toys on my own, my “masak-masak” and my Barbie doll were my companions during my childhood days. when my family went back to my grandparents’, the thing that will double check and make 100% sure i put it into the car was Barbie doll. my cousin sister will play with me, we dressed up our dolls and make them date a bear (we don’t have a Kent, lol) or make them a star and dance with Aaron Kwok’s song.


Day 4 : Farewell for a friend who is going to Police School tomorrow(i.e. Monday)

He was a friend i got to know during my trip to Beijing. Always with a smile on his face. We joked a lot during the gathering, about his soon-to-come life in Police School. A friend asked about his schedule in the school, then we start joking about is he given a camp book like those we get during camps. we joked about how he’ll have camp fire at night and sing songs in the camp book with someone playing the guitar. we joked about how he’ll turn into secret agent for the police force.

all the best, dont sir!!! (okay okay, it’s dong sir)

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