Sunday, February 15, 2009

yesterday was valentine’s

the most emo valentine’s..i am hating this stupid celebration now, who the h*** in this world started this day and who the *e** in this world commercialize it until the form of today. only make people like me sad only le..
since no bf here to celebrate with, why not go shopping with some other friends? and tada~~ all of us got some good bargain!! someone was selling SONY earphones at HKD20at Shum Tsui Po. omg!!each of us get at least one, marginal profit quite high u know. higher than marginal cost..haha..
T____________T don wan to talk about those sad things. actually i wan to share a good news(as i promised)!!!
my group is in the final for the business competition we joined!! can you believe it??the finals~~ we will be presenting our business plan to the public next Sunday in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre..woot~~
see, we look so pro like that.
a judge told us that he likes our idea during our presentation in the semi finals. so make it two professors who are with us(one is the prof who choose us as representative of HKUST). yes!!
haha..when we are rehearsing for the semi finals.
the four of us are so excited because we are not expecting coming out as the best in HKUST. we are only joining for fun, since there will be nothing to lost for joining it. at least gain some experience what it is like in a business competition, especially like an engineering student like me. there are many other groups who form up of people who are experienced in this kind of competition. our group are of two business students, one engineering student and one half business half engineering student. haha..
hello my friends out there who are reading this, please wish us luck in the Open Presentation next Sunday!! jia you jia you jia you!!!

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