Monday, February 23, 2009

To be or not to be

after the competition yesterday, the answer was – not to be.
Yesterday was the finals for the business admin paper competition i joined, and our team came out as 3rd runner up out of 286 teams. This means we lost in the oral presentation in the final which was a competition between 4 teams.
The whole team was quite disappointed, not because the judges were unfair or the other teams were not doing well. Just because our efforts didn’t pay out like what we hope.

But it was a fun experience, as for the four of us never expect to proceed on to this stage of the competition. Not only we are getting a certificate of merit instead of cert of participants, we also get a trophy(although we all have problems with where to keep the trophy). And the most valuable will be the experiences gained along the way.

Doing business is so different from engineering. All the factors that will affect the outcome of the business are so unpredictable that no one can guarantee anything. There are so many things to consider of but so less definite answer to it. Unlike engineering, although there are also a lot of things to be consider, but there are ways of solution to them.

I have to admit that the other teams did a very good job. The champion did so well in the Q&A session, they were so confidence and speaking so fluently. when answering questions from the panel judges. The 1st runner up did a splendid job on their PowerPoint slides. The four of them were standing in the middle of stage giving presentation which means no one is controlling the laptop, but their slides still go on by its own!! We still cant find the secret of them doing it, either they preset it to go with their speech, or they have people controlling the slide using Bluetooth or wireless.

As for us, there are a few judges comment that our plan was not feasible and sustainable enough. Money may be made, but how long can positive revenue sustain is the problem. You see, money is still the first priority to business man but cannot deny that money is very important to run a company. We did so bad in the Q&A session until i dare not think about it anymore after the competition.

Anywhere, we still go for a little celebration after the whole thing ended. Went to Causeway Bay for the noodle with spiciest chilli sauce i can get in Hong Kong and dessert. Our plan have been accompany us for around 3 months, from the 1st meeting in Festival Walk’s PCC, the last minute meeting at EB room, the i-m-not-in-Hong Kong-period, the practices in various rooms, to the semi final in CityU and final presentation in HK Convention and Exhibition Centre.

from left to right : me, Shanshan, Connie, Kyman
Thank you to my teammates. I love you all. muaks <3<3<3
oh yea, congratulation to Shanshan for becoming the 2nd runner up in the AIA 3 languages public speaking competition (shit i dunno the real name). remember our souvenirs, kie??
wanna see where’s my trophy??
come come, i show u~~


  1. At least you got into the finals!! Congrats, in some way :)

  2. Actually, you did very well! You tried to participate in the business topic instead you are an engineering student. Anyway, congratulations!

  3. a certificate of merit... Ah I haven't seen that ><

  4. shanshan: because the result was just announced, they say we will get ours later


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