Friday, December 5, 2008

Of blog and ignorance

Was blog-hopping again.

Read a blog that was written in the so called English.

try to read me.

i had bad day.
i hope u can un wat i rite here.
i saw sum1 like timothy tiah from the side in the library .
later i gt exam.
the exam all vy hard, i dunno how to do.
nvm, jx 2 more weeks. then end liao.

duh. whatever.

so hard to read those blog. cant they blog in more proper English. at least spell "got" and "very" and "just". what's so hard about them??
maybe i am used to reading English blog with at least good English, really cant take it when people blog like this. cant believe a college student is blogging like this.

jz ignore me if u wan, i m jz ranting during the exam period.

1 comment:

  1. Everybody has their own stress period, don't sweat and take a break!! ^_^


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