Monday, December 8, 2008

M-early Christmas!!!!

Was playing with picasa 3 that day using photos that i took in Ocean Park.
Went to Ocean Park last Saturday for some project thingy.

The ocean park is going go have an exhibition thingy of Christmas tree, around 200 of them, tress were decorated according to 4 themes, i think it's "Environment", "Love", "Cyber", and another that i forgot. The theme that the unis and tertiary institution got was "Cyber"

we used capacitors as

and ribbons from IKEA..these ribbons are the best because there's soft metal by the side of the ribbon that can hold up the shape.

since the one of the themes is "Cyber", the Ocean Park decorate their threes with iPods and circuit boards.

This is the finished product. =)
The white colour patches are artificial snow. We should get more of that because it looks good with Christmas tree. haha. i make it sounds like matching clothes.

Anyway, we plan to visit Ocean Park again during Chrismas, or maybe after that to have a look at the jungle of Christmas tree. And to see what happen to our tree.

More photos will be coming up. After my next visit to the park of course.

Like the effects i made to those photos???


  1. See what a good camera can do?

    I didn't realize HK would snow, then again it must be those fake things to make u think it's snow...

    Merry Christmas ^_^

  2. haha..yea..those snow are fake..but looks good..


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