Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good News : I found my new love

come come come *pull your hands*

let me introduce you my new love

i know maybe it's not proper to tell you guys this now, but i just cant wait to share this good news to all my friends.

he is the one who brings love and warm to me in this cold winter. I have known him for almost a year though he is not the normal handsome guy you think, and also not that young too but all this physical appearance will not stop me from loving him. *shy* Even i have to share him with another girl, but i know i will never regret.

let me show you his photo, i am sure you guys will give me your highest blessing.

*red carpet*

*spot light*



meet my love for winter. HEATER

he is me and jasmine's SAVIOR of the winter
it is him that bring us warm and love in this cold winter.
although he's a bit old and not that fashionable, but a heater that is usable is consider a good heater.

when others are crying in the cold, the two of us are happily sitting in the room that is serve by this loyal heater.
how can you not love him. how can you not love the one who brings you joy and happiness and comfort.

you tell me.
*smiley face*

1 comment:

  1. Ok ok, bless u and 'him' lah...I know how that feels in the winter, so enjoy him while u can lah, ok? When summer comes...ngek ngek ngek...

    Honestly I think warm soup and fond memories would warm up just as good as that one lo...if you know what i mean? ;)


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