Friday, November 21, 2008

You never try, you never know

I never know about my problem with buses.
Because i don't have a chance to know also.
When is the last time i really consider of taking bus as my 1st transportation mode to move from one place to another?? I don't even know. Not to say Malaysia don't have proper roads, we have such nice roads, even the best highways in the world, but the public transport, better not to harap them so much.
My experiences with buses(bus i mean city bus or town bus, whatever name you call them, not express bus), very little only, i think one hand also can finish counting. I only took bus when i was in Form 4 and Form 5, when we can't drive yet. We have to go to another school to attend functions, some school are out of the town, so the only way is to take bus.
I used to take bus to work also, with two friends. Every morning after breakfast, we will take bus and go to the shop that is 2 stations later because we were lazy to walk. Everyday we will sure take the same bus, until the bus conductor also recognize us liao, there was one day i didn't go to work, the bus conductor even asked them where i am. lol.
i think that was the last time i took a bus back in Malaysia.*memory loading...can't find any related files anymore*

But both fortunately and unfortunately, i have to take bus a lot in Hong Kong.
On the fortunate side, Hong Kong have real well-planned transportation system. One of the things that the Hong Kees proud about should be their public transport system. You'll have buses traveling between small small places to the bus terminal and MTR stations, for you to change to another bus or get onto the MTR. Some of my friends are so amazed by their transport system after their visits here.

On the unfortunate side, i found out that i sometimes cant take bus. Big buses like this...

or small buses aka van like this...

i will feel like vomitting and headache sometimes when i was on the buses. i do not know whetehr you will know that type of feeling. The headache, like my head is going to drop to the floor anytime because it is too heavy to stay on the neck. Sometimes it feels like the head going to burst any second. Sometimes feel like vomitting and i am sure my face turned pale. The whole feeling is so terrible.

I went out for firm visit this afternoon, by chartered bus. On the way back, i was sitting alone cause my friend get off at a stop near her house. My head got heavier and heavier as the bus go. I feel like fainting, but fainting doesn't seems like the way out of the pain. I can still feel the pain when i close my eyes, when i try to sleep. The feeling, is so weird. Heavy head is not actually the best discription for it, but i just don't know the word for that pain. I wonder was it the side effect of the coffee i drank that noon. I had to take out my phone and start listening to music, to distract my attention to my headache. One of the horrible bus ride.

But it's not that i totally can't take bus. I still can take a bus ride without headache and feel of vomiting, but only under certain circumstances. i) The bus is going on a straight road. ii) I am facing the same direction as the direction of the bus going. That's why i always feel dizzy on a bus ride, from my uni to one of the nearest MTR station, we have to take roads along the hill, so the roads are of course not straight, plus the "excellent" driving skill of the bus driver, ie. the way the turn at a corner, i sure feel vomiting when i reach the MTR station. u guys definitely have to try the route, like "so fast so furious".

ARGH...when can i sit car again??when can i drive again??? i dun wan take bus liao la T.T
THe bus and the driver here very evil one ah!! THey make me sick de..*Cry* i want car car car car car car car car car car car car...

*wipe tears*

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