Thursday, October 16, 2008

random pictures

I also dunno why i am so tired.
But i want to blog a bit. haha..but because my brain to tired to organize, so i just post some photos then do some point form thingy=.="
some pictures are really long time ago one, because i din transfer photo from my mobile phone to my laptop so i didn't post up.

#1 this is Starbucks Mocha!! there's promotion in the whole September!! it's only $10 if u buy it with some other food like bread or cake. so nice right??where can you find ice starbucks with rm4.50 in Malaysia, u tell me. too bad, the promotion until end of september only. hope they will have winter promotion later in december =)

#2 remember the Typhoon Hagupit?? this is what the sea look like during the typhoon. this is typhoon number 3 only. it's too dark to take pictures when number 8 come, so no picture of that.

#3 this ma, last last thursday. Hong Kong Disneyland came to our uni to promote their Halloween Party. there send a skelleton here to take photo with us, for free. then they give out free postcards too. me n my friend were the first to take photo with him. he so bad, go scared my friend when they take photo, she almost scream. bad bad skelleton.

#4 AHHH!!!don't come near me!!!! *run away. the costume actually look so real until you really scared de lo.

#4 This was on Tuesday. We had a lot of tradition functions organize by different societies. This one is a week-long festival organised by one of the student hall society. Each house was represent by one colour, this is house three and their colour is blue. And the long corridor thingy is the bridge link that connect Hall One and Hall Two. There's another longer one connecting the academic building and Hall One. These two bridge link will be decorated by banners and flags of the theme colour of the house when it is a house festival. Some other society like Magic Club and Drama Club will have the festival too, then they will pick a colour as their theme colour.

#5 What they do during the festival?? First they will have a opening ceromony in the atrium where there are performances, sometimes will have artist performance also. Then they will be a party/ pub night, then will have a night market selling Hong Kong food(i love that *yummy), then some will have 3-on-3 basketball competition, some will have dinner for members, magic society will have magic class, drama society will have drama show. then some will have closing ceromony in the end.

#6 this is a spider. i saw it at cafe outdoor area today. it was hanging from the ceiling. when i saw it, the spidey was going up/climbing up/_______(fill in the blanks yourself, i dunno what word to use) so i try to take photo. ok, this one is just some random things la. let me be happy because i was so observant to the environment. *clap hands*

ok, i am done liao. i go sleep le. good night

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