Thursday, October 30, 2008

microsoft is hard :'(

microsoft words is the stupidest program!!!!stupidestestestestest!!!!!!!
i accidentally click on the print button, then it print out the whole documents.
the documents is 50 f*cking pages le, stop also cannot stop.
all my print budgets!!!!! *burst into tears* 50*30cents = $15 !!!!!! 15 freaking dollars!!!!! that can print another 50 freaking pages!!!!!all gone!!!!!because of one mis-click!!!!!
how can the program do this to me???? why they don't have a window pop up to ask for final confirmation??? why they create such "clever" program that will do whatever people ask without asking for confirmation??? How can they like this de?? We always click on the wrong button de ma, you should let people to have chance to change their mistake, or at least stop making the same mistake!!!
How can microsoft be like this de??? making such program yet Bill Gates is the richest man in the world!!! I want compensation!!!!
$15 dollar only!!!only i dunno 0.000000000001 percent of his properties!!!pay me back ah!!!!!!!I don't canre whether you retired or not retired, doing charity or not, you are the one who start microsoft!!!!

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  1. Dun be so angry ya...Thanks a lot for your encouragement:) same to you too, jia you ^^


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