Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the very boring girl trying to write an interesting blog

the consequence of not blogging often enough is you don't know what to blog when you have time to blog. after i came home, i was not blogging as frequent as i used to be few months ago. firstly, the internet speed was not as fast as the one i used to get in Hong Kong, secondly, i was out of the house dating most of the time *smile* thirdly, cant organize the things that i want to write. i don't know why.

there are actually a lot to blog about if i want to. people i see in the shopping mall, movies i watched recently, breakfasts and lunches and dinners and even suppers i had all around town, places i visited. anything i do everyday.

honestly, i was not lazy, if not i won't be blogging now. i really really was not online for a very long time. i did not check my mail for quite some times and in the end i was too lazy to read all my mails one by one. i did not do my usual blog hopping for some times and now i have to spend some times reading the post i missed out. i did not log in for YouTube for quite some time and i think that is a good thing to do and i hope i will log onto YouTube for as less time as i possible. YouTube is not a good website although it is a good invention. kikshou..

i gave my laptop a new look *clap hands* i bought a laptop skin from the "Next Hip Hop Arena" at Ipoh Parade on Monday. This is how my laptop looks like now

this picture is very pretty, right??actually it was not my first choice. i was going for the picture with the couple making coffee with some chocolate biscuit stick, because i think it would be nice to enjoy the internet with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. but i turn out that that particular skin is not suitable for my laptop because my laptop is black in colour and the skin is transparent. If i was to put the skin on my laptop, the skin will come out dark and dull, not as nice as it will look. so i have to choose another skin. i was going to go for a light purple(or lavender, i am not so sure with all the different purple. purple, lilac, lavender, violet etc. sorry miss foong) skin, but yiyang suggested me to take this blue one. with second thought, i take the blue one because this skin look bright and lively while the purple one look so sad and down. i would like to have a bright and happy day everyday, because i will be seeing my laptop every morning before i go to class. something bright and cheerful may make a day.who knows..

i am not a very up-to-date person. i was back home for one month. yup, exactly one month, today is 16 July. and only now i go and dig out my photos from my camera. i am going to end this post with some photos i took in Hong Kong just before i came back to Malaysia.

#1 an exhibition at Causeway Bay. it shows an army of statue with the same pose, and it named it contemporary terracotta warriors. those statues look cute with the wide-open-mouth-smile. it's just outside Times Square. i wonder the exhibits are still there, it was already there for a long time.

#2 the restaurant mascot posed for my camera =) so cute of him. photo taken at a street at Causeway Bay

#3 view from my room. 180 degrees sea view. Ahh, what else can i ask for?? *sit down relax and sipping mocha from my seat by the window.*

#4 my flight back home last month. the flight was in the morning and i have to leave my hostel at around 7.30am so that i can reach there 2 hours before the flight for check in and take 2 train rides to the boarding gate. luckily i reached there early enough. the Air Asia flight from Hong Kong to Malaysia was full. compared to the flight from Macau to Malaysia i took last time, that plane has so many empty place, i can have a whole row of seats by myself, but not in the Hong Kong plane. see, its a wise choice for Air Asia to start this line.

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