Sunday, April 6, 2008

My paradise in Hong Kong

Finally!!! finally!!!
i went to the place i always wanted to go in Hong Kong!!!!

i found out this cafe on the 1st time i went to Mongkok last August and i wanted to go that place all this while. Due to some reason that i don't even know, this is actually my first time to dine at the cafe. Thanks to Connie for the superb suggestion~~

the branch we went to is located on the 2nd floor of Dundas Square, Dundas Street (Mongkok Station Exit E2). the entrance staircase was next to a small Taiwanese drinks stall that always had a long queue.

we were welcomed by the Linus van Pelt and the blue blanket~~

the cafe is fully decorated with the Peanuts family ~ characters on the ceiling and comic strips on the wall

snoopy on the wall

snoopy figure in the cafe ~ other characters also available

there's a face of a character on each table, the tables we sat has Linus and Woodstock.

charlie brown on the menu

waiting for our drinks ~ number 54 ~ with charlie brown and snoopy =)

charlie brown printed on the plates

charlie brown on the coffee mug ~~i want to get one too!!!

the Snoopy and Charlie chocolate figure~~
they actually have a open kitchen, where everyone can look into the kitchen..the chefs were looking at us when we take photos and go "oh"s and "ah"s on their food


the food
its not cheap to dine in the cafe. i can compare the price to Starbucks back in Malaysia. Drinks will cost around HKD30 per serving. cakes around HKD25 per piece. but you will think it's worth it when u see the cakes and desserts XD

the charlie brown dessert set~~

the cakes!!!

cakes with sally and charlie

charlie again!!

charlie on the juices

I just dunno what else to say.
I am going to that cafe again. yes. i am..
and the Charlie cup..wait for me..

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  1. Wow, this restaurant so cool. I feel like going too!! Is there a Doraemon restaurant??


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