Sunday, March 23, 2008

so happy(u see,girls are so emotional,one day is pissed off,another day is happy..hoho)

these days was so happy..the weather in Hong Kong is become warmer liao..

the weather today was consider so good..its 18.8 Celsius at my uni..
i still remember the weather when i just came back from the winter break..a sudden change of weather from 30 C in Malaysia to 7 C in Hong Kong in a few hours is not something i can take since i cant tahan cold..just see how am i in the cinema and the shopping mall back in Malaysia..the boyfriend also feel weird how can i fell so cold under that condition..T.T i also cant help de ma..

I still remember how i come through the coldest period in Hong Kong.according to the media, this is the coldest winter in this recent so geng to can over come this period..with all my friends..during the period, i have to attend 3 weeks of industrial training,2 weeks in my uni and another week in PolyU..everyday i have to wake up early in the morning(OMG, y to torture a young girl to wake up early in the morning when she can actually stay in her warm bed with her nice comforter and pillow T.T )

furthermore, i cant wear my tees that i bring from Malaysia..i have to wrap myself up in those thick thick sweaters and scarfs..which made the fat me further fat...OMFG...
you see, winter is actually no good..i m now waiting for summer..where i can wear shorts and tees..

the main point of this post : the weather of Hong Kong is turning warm *grin*


  1. u sot sot liao....too far from yiyang izzit? haha...

  2. where got sot..i m absolutely worries


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