Friday, February 1, 2008

so many things,so little time

today is 1st of February 2008

i start school yesterday. the classrooms for my classes are all around the place,i have to walk from 1 end of the building to the other end of the building in 10 mins time..
but i dun have any 9am class..wakaka..the earliest is 10am..i love my timetable anyway..


its getting colder n colder here..its around 8 -9 degree in my uni..coz its near the sea,the temperature is few degree lower than the town..n i caught a cold..running nose..n i used up 1 packet of tissue paper.i told Len Foong:"even my fat are not enough to tahan the cold" =.= According to Hong Kong Observatory, the weather will continue till after Chinese New Year..but i dun want to believe them liao..coz they said the temperature will rise last week,but then,the temperature going down faster than the roller coaster..hng..bluff me de..


Chinese New Year is just around the corner.But i am not going home for New Year.
I am not "feeling" Chinese New Year,u know..although we already have CNY decorations around the campus and people selling things about CNY..i even heard CNY songs all around the place..haha..but i just dun feel like celebrating it...y the uni have to start school before i already dun have mood for CNY sui 1 la..


i am planning to get myself a cooker so i can cooked my own food..haha..i wan more healthy food..i am getting bored of eating the salty food served in the canteen and restaurant..when people ask me how does Hong Kong food taste..i'll tell them:"SALTY!!"
fat gains because of that too..


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  1. Lol...i dun have the mood to celebrate CNY either. It's been like this since i was young, my house never seemed to have the atmosphere for this occasion, even now, my birthday's are but a chance to go to a more expensive restaurants, (e.g. Indulgence, Overseas, Shouk, TGI Fridays, etc, etc.) Sometimes i don't even want a cake. Sob.

    Dun ever think that having a layer of lipid would insulate u perfectly from the cold, u can me when i went to Shanghai and Nanking three years ago, when i was fat, and not even that fat did me any favours, and i was shivering with three layers on. Four actually, if lipid was a layer, hehe.

    Anyway, since it's HK, u should make this a chance to go out and experiance the atmosphere there, and take alot of pics so that i can at least know how they celebrate there, i can't believe it can be that boring. Okie??

    PS I know lar, the reason u so sien is bcoz nobody come pui u mar, haiz....hohoho... nvr mind la, there's always next year or the year after that, or any occasion. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    PPS Happy


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